Calendar Options

Having a calendar on your website can help you keep your visitors up-to-date on upcoming events and other important news. 

Using the Events Feature on Your Website 

Why not use the Events feature that is built into your website? It's free and easy to use! You can learn more about Clover Events here.

Using 3rd Party Calendar Resources 

Another option is to set up an account with a third party calendar resource. With this option you would create the calendar then link to, or even embed, the calendar directly onto your Clover site! Here are some of our favorite calendar resources to get you started:

NOTE: Since the embed code comes from a 3rd party product, Clover Sites is unable to guarantee it'll work consistently throughout your site or the Greenhouse. Because this is an advanced feature, Clover Sites Support is not able to support issues with custom embed/HTML code.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is really straightforward, which makes it easy to use, and looks great without being too complicated. 


UpTo takes top-notch design really seriously and makes it easy to add a beautiful calendar to your site.


Timely gives you a lot of freedom to customize your calendar while still making it simple to add it to your website. 


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