Form Options

Embedding or linking to forms on your website can make it really easy to add things like sign-up sheets, collect prayer requests or gather contact info from your visitors.  

Using the Forms on Your Clover Sites 3 Website

If you have a Clover Sites 3 website, you can use the Forms feature that comes with your site! You can learn more about Forms here

Using 3rd Party Form Resources

Another option is to set up an account with a third party forms resource. With this option you would create the form then link to, or even embed, the forms directly onto your Clover site! Here are some of our favorite 3rd party from resources. 

Google Forms

Google Forms are free and super easy to use. 


WuFoo makes building forms and embedding them on your website really easy and offers a lot of customization. 


JotForm provides you with a lot of different themes to work with when creating your forms. 


TypeForm allows you to create some really complex forms and is a really great resource for things like surveys.  

Cognito Forms 

These guys let you build an unlimited amount of custom forms and make it easy to keep an eye on your engagement. 


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