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Here are some of the frequently asked questions we've been hearing about the media player. If you have a question you don't see on here, please shoot us an email at 

How do I select the thumbnail?

With any video uploaded, you will have 5 screenshots from the video to choose from.  If you aren't a fan of those particular options, you can always upload your own graphic as well. Here is how to add a thumbnail to your media player.

Can I download my media files?

Yes you can! Click on the Resources button under your file. This will reveal the Download button! Once you click the download button, it will take you to the file which you can then right-click and select Save Video As or Save Audio As.

How should I date my media files?

The media player allows you to sort and label your files by date in two different ways. You can either write out your date or use an abbreviated version. For example - both September 9, 2015 and 9/9/2015 would work in your media player. 

Can I attach a PDF?

You can attach multiple files to your media player. This allows for your viewers to have access to the resources that you recommend or suggest during the sermon. Here is a step-by-step on how to attach a pdf to your media player.

Do I need to resize my video before uploading?

All HD video files uploaded to your media player will be automatically converted to 720p. All other files will revert to the highest quality available depending on your device and connection. 

Is there a limit to how many audio and video files I can upload?

Nope! We're excited to offer unlimited storage so you can upload as many media items as you'd like! 

Can I change the layout/grid of the Media Section?

The layout for the media section is set and cannot be changed. However, you can use your Media Player Settings to change how the text, colors and background images in your section appear.

Can I share a specific media item?

Yep! To get the URL to a specific media item, click Share and then select Email to a Friend or Share on Twitter. You will then be able to copy the URL and share it wherever you please! 

Is there a search feature?

No, the current version of the media player does not come with a search feature.

What is the file size limit?

The file size limit for media files is 5 GB.  The upload time is determined by your network and bandwidth, whereas the process time will usually be the same as the duration of the media file or less.

Can I upload multiple items at once?

Yes - although you can only add one item at a time, you can upload as many as you'd like simultaneously. 

What kinds of files can I upload? 

We accept nearly every audio and video file type that you can imagine. For video, we recommend using H.264. Also, if you’re uploading HD video, select the High Profile H.264 option, if it’s available. Contact us if you have trouble uploading anything!

How can I sort my media items?

Your media files are automatically sorted by the date listed. Your viewers can choose to sort by:

  • Newest to Oldest
  • Oldest to Newest
  • Ascending Title
  • Descending Title
  • Ascending Speaker
  • Descending Speaker
  • Ascending Series
  • Descending Series

Can I embed audio or video into the Media Player?

Yes! You can learn more about embedding into the Media Player here.

Is there a podcast feature?

Podcasting is available! You can podcast your audio and video from any Media Player you set up on your site. Here's how to set up your podcast.


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