Adding And Removing Audio/Video Files

We've made it really easy to upload high quality audio and video files to your website, so now you can share your message in more entertaining ways directly from your website.

Adding Media Files

Step 1 -
 Add a Media Section if you haven't created one already

Step 2 - Click within the section


Step 3 -
Click Add Media


Step 4 -
Drag and drop the file or upload from computer

Keep in Mind: 
  • If the name on your media file contains characters special characters (basically, any symbol you see over your numerical keys) your file will not be able to be uploaded to the player. Try to keep your file names as simple as possible, using mostly numbers and letters, to avoid any issues. 

Step 5 - Click within the fields to edit Media item information

Step 6 - Click the Save button to save your changes


Removing Media Files 

Step 1 - Click into your Media Section to begin editing

Step 2 - Choose the file you want to delete from the grid and click on it

Step 3 - Click the X

Step 4 - Confirm that you want to delete this item

Step 5 - Click the Close button


Embedding Videos Within The Media Player

NOTE: Since the embed code comes from a 3rd party product, Clover Sites is unable to guarantee it'll work consistently throughout your site or the Greenhouse. Because this is an advanced feature, Clover Sites Support is not able to support issues with custom embed/HTML code.

Step 1 - Click Add Media in the top right corner.

Step 2
 - Locate the video that you would like to embed and copy its URL.

Step 3 - Paste the URL at the bottom of Add Media box labeled URL and click Next.

Step 4 - The Greenhouse will automatically pull the Title and Description from the source. Click to edit any of the media item’s information. Note: You are not able to add a custom thumbnail to embedded Media. The thumbnail will display the thumbnail you choose for the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 5 -  Once you are finished, click Save.

Keep in mind:

  • If you choose to embed your audio or video files, this content will not be sent to your iTunes podcast or Google Play podcast.
  • ​​If your video is set to be private or to not allow embedding, the video will not be able to be played within the Clover Media Section.
  • You are not able to add a custom thumbnail to embedded media. The thumbnail will display whatever image you selected on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • If your thumbnail isn't appearing within the Greenhouse or on your live site, make sure your thumbnail on YouTube or Vimeo is high quality. Our system can only display those thumbnails which are high quality. 


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