Ember Site Design

Ember features a great blend of full-width and split-column layouts and make it easy to build a clean, eye-catching website.

Ember Dimensions:

Site logo: 460x140
Gallery: 3000x1804
Gallery-Mobile: 1536x1848

List Section (List): 253x165

List Section (Grid): 348x205
Text section layout 1 (Left Photo): 1920x1226
Text section layout 2 (Right Photo): 1920x1226
Text section layout 4 (Right Circle Photo): 572x572
Text section layout 5 (Three Bottom Circle Photos): 572x572
Events: 16/9 aspect ratio
Optimized for event galleries: 2400x1350
Optimized for event grid: 600x450
Optimized for event list: 400x300
Form: 1000 wide, any height

Key Features:

The four column text layout offers fine control over its buttons; they can be disabled, or their alignment can be customized.

This design features a style of form inputs new and unique to all designs.

Event gallery sections stretch their gallery image edge-to-edge of the screen.

A consistent hover effect is used across media and events sections.


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