Changing Colors

You can change or edit the colors in any site design. This allows you to completely change the look and feel to perfectly match your organization. Check out the video we created to help guide you through colors:

To get started follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click the Edit Colors button


Step 2 - Select a pre-designed color palette


Or click the Choose Custom Colors button


For more control, simply click within each color area to choose a new color or enter a custom hex code. Each of the six areas on the color wheel are numbered and will change different aspects of your website's color palette when you alter them. Although not all of our site designs use the colors on the wheel in the same way, generally this is what each numbered section affects on your page:

  • Color 1 on the color wheel typically correlates with your site's main background color and navigation text color
  • Colors 2-4 on the color wheel affect your section colors 
  • Color 5 typically correlates with text color
  • Color 6 typically correlates with link color 

Our custom algorithm allows all of the colors on your page to interact beautifully and make your text legible, even if you changed all of these color areas to black (although you still might not want to do that). 




Step 3 - When you're finished, click Save


Keep in Mind:

  • The colors you choose may effect the links you create on your site, the background colors, text colors, and more. Every site design's color options effect the site a little bit differently, so have fun trying out different colors to see how it affects your site.

Section Colors


Clover Sites Background Color Options from Clover on Vimeo.

Section colors are automatically created palettes you can use to change the way the colors in any specific section interact. These palettes are generated whenever you change the color palette for your website and use a custom algorithm to ensure your text is always legible and your colors blend beautifully. Here is how you can use this creative feature: 

Step 1 - In Advanced Mode, click the section you would like change and then click the gear icon


Step 2 - Click the middle tab to view the color settings


Step 3 - Choose your section color and click Save


Step 4 - Preview your changes and click Close




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