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Our hidden pages feature allows you to update your site without worrying about publishing any unfinished pages and it can be really helpful for keeping your navigation menu uncluttered. 

Uses for hidden pages:

Design in Private

If you're working on a page that isn't quite ready to go live but there are other updates to your site you need to publish, you can make your unfinished page hidden. This way, your site can stay up-to-date while you work on your page in private. 

Simplified Navigation

If you have content that you don't need readily accessible from your website's main navigation, you can make that page hidden. The page won't appear in your nav but will still be accessible through links or other methods.    

Making Your Pages Hidden

Step 1 - In Advanced Mode, click Manage Pages


Step 2 - Click the Gear symbol by the page you'd like to make hidden

Step 3 - Check the box that says Hide This Page From Navigation and click Save 

Step 4 - Once your page is hidden it will no longer appear in your navigation. You can access hidden pages by clicking the tab at the top of your screen that says Edit Hidden Pages 

Keep in Mind: 

  • Hidden pages can be especially helpful when creating pages for a recurring annual event at your church (such as a Christmas party or Summer VBS program). By making the page hidden, you can hide it from the public but still have access to it for future use.
  • When you're ready to make your page public, you can do this by unchecking the Hide This Page From Navigation box in the Manage Pages screen
  • If you make a page hidden, and that page has subpages under it, all of the subpages will also become hidden. You can make any of these subpages visible by making them their own page or making them a subpage for another part of your site. 
  • You can't set every page on your site as hidden, at least one will need to be public at all times (or else no one will be able to reach your content)
  • Any page you make hidden can still be accessed by web crawlers (like the ones Google uses to search for keywords). It's also important to keep in mind that, through the proper means (like typing in the right URL) your hidden page could be discovered by someone accidentally. So, a page you don't want people to see (such as one that is unfinished) may still be viewed, with some difficulty.


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