Why Is My Old Classic Site Still Appearing In Google?

Your Classic Site may still appear in Google after you have move to Clover Sites 3. This is because your old Classic Site is also tied to the nowsprouting.com URL, which may still be live.

To remove your Classic Site entirely from Google, you will need to delete any old documents, pages, and social media links from the Classic Site.

After you remove ALL pages, documents, and social media links, be sure to click "Publish" in the Classic Greenhouse so the update is pushed out to Google. Generally it takes around 30 days for Google to 'crawl' your site and update their search. Once they see that the old Classic Site has no content on it and it is no longer relevant, they will remove it from their search.

Keep in mind, since these documents and pages are no longer on our servers, it may still show up in a Google Search (for the next 30 days) but when clicked on, it will show a "Page not Found" message.


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