Dusk Site Design

Modern and charismatic while remaining simplistic, dusk is perfect for those looking to bring something new to their users! Dusk includes a whole new look for the Gallery section using the side panels to give the user a preview of what’s been shown and what will be!


Dusk dimensions

These are the ideal dimensions, for the largest possible screens.  In most cases, it is okay to have images smaller than these, as long as the images maintain the correct aspect ratio (except for the site logo, which can have any aspect ratio)


   Section Layout 1: 1920x1920

   Section Layout 2: 1920x1920

   Section Layout 3: No image

   Section Layout 4: 2196x668

   Section Layout 5: 1050x700

   Section Layout 6: No Image


   Grid Layout: 1140x512

   List Layout: 304x304

   Gallery Slides: 2280x1200

   List Layout: 540x304 

Event Sections:

   Grid Layout: 540x304

   Gallery Layout: 1700x959

   Event Detail Pages

   Main event image: 1700x959


   Max logo dimensions: 500x190

The Dusk design is the only design that features a footer with 3 content boxes! It has a logo box and two text boxes for many formatting possibilities! 




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