Why Am I Not Receiving Form Submission Emails?

If you're not receiving emails when a form is submitted, it's most likely due to the fact that you haven't set up form notifications.

You can enable notifications when a form is submitted. The email notification will contain all the information that was completed on the form. 

Step 1 - On the editing page of your form, select Form Properties in the bottom left corner.


Step 2 - Click the Email tab. 

Step 3 - In the To field, enter the email or email addresses you wish to have notifications sent to. If you want to enter multiple email addresses, you will need separate each email with a comma with no extra spaces (ex: firstemail@gmail.com,secondemail@gmail.com â€¦ )


Step 4 - In the From field, enter no-reply@cloversites.com. This will ensure that your email provider doesn't block the email from coming into your inbox. If you use the same email in the To and From field, you may not see the email arrive as it could be blocked. 


Step 5 - In the Subject field, enter a subject for the email notification.


Step 6 - In the message of the body, click on each placeholder you wish to have within the email. This will automatically pull the information entered in the form into the email. You may also want to enter a space between each placeholder within the email so the information doesn't run all together. 


Keep in mind:

  • If you change the field name on the form (example: changing Person's Name field to Name), you will need to re-do the email notification as it changes the Placeholder name. ​​
  • ​Be sure to avoid using "&" in the Field Name as this will not be able to pull in information into your email. Instead, use the word "and" in the Field Name.

Step 7 - Click X in the top right corner and then "Save" in the bottom right corner and select "Save & Publish" to save your changes. 

Keep in mind: If you're wanting the Field Names to be displayed in the email notification, you will need to manually type them before each Placeholder as seen in the example below.




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