Clover Hosting Overview

The $39 a month hosting for your website includes a number of great things. Here at Clover we offer unlimited storage space, future upgrades are given at no additional cost and automatically added to your site, and the best part - actual live human help if you need it! There's also no limit to how many pages you can have with a Clover site.

We do require the hosting of all our websites. The reason is because the Greenhouse (our Content Management System) is something that we built from the ground up and something we continually maintain. If you were to have the option to host your Clover site elsewhere we wouldn't be able to offer you technical support or any of our automatic upgrades. 

We strive to have excellent customer service and tech support and our hope is that you would always have someone to speak with when you call. You can always email us too, if you'd like. Feel free to send all emails to or give us a call at (805) 527-8900. We are available by phone from 8am-5pm CST Monday thru Friday. 


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