Adding Thumbnails

A thumbnail allows you to display an image of what the file contains or is about. With a Clover Sites media player, you are given several images to choose from as well as an option to upload your own.

Adding A Thumbnail To The Media Player

Step 1 - Click within the Media section and select the file that you would like to edit.

Step 2 - Click the Edit button in the top right corner of the file at the top of the section.

Step 3
 - Click on the Thumbnails tab. Here you will find 5 randomly generated thumbnails you can use (if its a video). If you'd like to upload your own graphic, you can click on Upload Your Image. This will allow you to select your file and upload it to this particular item.

Step 4
 -  Once you have selected your thumbnail, click the Save button.

Keep in mind: The dimensions for the thumbnail should be 1280x720.

Once you Publish your changes, your viewers will be able to see the thumbnail within your Media Player.


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