Tradition Site Design

Our Tradition theme was designed to reflect a sense of tranquility and peace. Much like walking into a centuries old cathedral Tradition boasts beautiful and appealing architecture. From it’s clean lines and well formed sections to it’s clear and crisp font choices this new theme evokes a timeless elegance that will serve you, your church, and your community for years to come.

Tradition Dimensions:

All dimensions are in pixels
(Header): 700 x 236
Logo (Footer): 640 x 216
Gallery: 3000 x 1408
Gallery-Mobile: 1536 x 1442
Text section layout 1 (Left/Right Photo): 1074 x 594
Text section layout 3 (Both Photos): 1074 x 594
Text section layout 4 (Full-Width Photo): 2244 x 1240
Text section layout 5 (All Three Photos): 684 x 378
Events: 16/9 aspect ratio
Optimized for event galleries: 2244 x 1248
Optimized for event grid: 786 x 456
Optimized for event list: 540 x 304
Form: 1122 x 680 (or 1122 wide and any height less than 680)

Key Features:

Navigation expands wide to list a large number of available pages (sub pages all visible) — great for larger churches with a lot of information, programs and services

Up to three navigation items can be pinned to appear in the site header, instead of appearing in the main nav (on mobile, they appear at the top of the main nav)

The three column text layout can have each of its background colors customized independently

With the release of Tradition, your church can showcase your rich history and traditional values embodied in an elegant, simplistic design that makes it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for.


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