3rd Party Resources

Here are some great 3rd party resources we recommend you use when designing your website. 

Download Icons 

This link will provide you with a long list of icons commonly used on websites, including icons that represent social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can download any of these to use for free on your website (just select the Icons.zip link below). Here are a few examples of the icons you can download for your site. 






Photo Resources 

Here are a couple 3rd party photo resources we recommend you use to find great and (mostly) free photos when designing your website: 

Snapwire Snaps
Jay Mantri
New Old Stock
IM Free 
Death to the Stock Photo
Life of Pix

Photo Editor Resources

If you'd like to edit or alter any of the photos on your website, you'll probably need to download a professional photo editor. Although some of them are free, most photo editors will cost you money to download. Below are three of the photo editors we recommend. 

Photoshop - Creative Cloud

Sketch (you can download this product from the App Store or Google Play)

Canva (this is a free solution)

PicMonkey (free 7 day trial, paid plan after that)

Download Browser Links

Some browser's, such as Chrome or Firefox, perform just a little bit better with our Greenhouse than others. The links below will redirect you to where you need to go to download a new browser. 

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



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