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A Donation section is a great way to direct your donors to easily give online. By having a section dedicated to this, your donors always know where to go and where to click to get to your donation resource. If you're still looking for an online giving resource, you may want to check out Clover Give.

Setting up a Donation Section

Step 1 - Click the Edit Sections button (Advanced Mode)


Step 2 - Click the Add New Section button


Step 3 - Select Donation Section


Step 4 - Choose Donation Account Type 


You can either use a Clover Give account or a different online donations service.

If you're connecting your Clover Give account, you can link to your giving portal by following these steps. If you’d like to use a different online giving service, choose that option and paste the link to your service or online form where it says Paste Link Here. 

Step 5 - When you're finished, click Close

Click anywhere within the Section to edit the text/and or photo (check out our Using the Text Editor help article for more Text Editor info).

Donation Section Settings

While editing your Donation Section in Advanced Mode, click the Gear button for customization options.


Here you can choose to display header and/or body text in your section, as well as choose the button location. You can always change the name of the Launch Button that your donors will click on to access your donation form by changing the text contained in the Text On Button space. 

You can also decide which color and background options you prefer. 

In addition, you can access your Donation Set Up page - where you can switch links, donation providers, and more. 

When you're finished, click Close.

Changing Section Layout

To change the section layout, click within the section then click Change Layout to select a new layout. 


When you're finished, save and then click Close.

Additional Uses for the Donation Button

The Donation Button can also be used as a creative way to link to other content, such as videos, forms, calendars, etc.

Step 1 - Add a Donation Section to a page


Step 2 - When prompted to enter a donation service click I Use A Different Service For Donations

Step 3 - Paste your link into the space provided for donation form links

Step 4 - Click Save


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