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Looking to add a button to your page? You can add buttons to any text box using the Button Options in the Text Editor. You can use a button as a creative way to link to other content, such as videos, forms, calendars, etc.


Adding a Button

*Adding a button is only available in ADVANCED MODE*

Step 1 - Click into the text box where you would like to add the button


Step 2 - Click the [+] to add a button


Step 3 - Choose to link to a page on your site, email address, phone number, or external site


Step 4 - Once you have chosen your link, click Finished



You can create a button out of text by highlighting the text, then clicking the [+] button



You can also choose to style a link as a button by clicking the checkbox when inserting a link, document, or video


Editing a Button

Buttons will be inserted with some placeholder text. This text can be deleted or replaced by highlighting it and clicking backspace or delete. Then type your desired button text. Press enter/return once done to exit the button and type on a new line.

The object to which the button links can be changed by selecting the button and clicking [+].


The text in the button can be resized with the font size tool.


Deleting a Button

To delete a button, select the button and click [+]. This gives you the option to Remove the Button.


The button can also be deleted by deleting all the text inside it, and then, once it is empty, pressing backspace once more. Or, select the whole line that the button is on and delete the whole line.

Alternative Buttons

You can also add a button to your page using a Donation Section.

Step 1 - Add a Donation Section to a page or add a Donation Page

Step 2 - When prompted to enter a donation service click I Use A Different Service For Donations

Step 3 - Paste your link into the space provided and click Save

Your button is now added to the page!

To edit the text on the button or the color settings for the section, you can follow these steps.


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