Adding a Link

You can link text and photos to other pages in your site, external web pages, email addresses, videos, and documents. 

Linking from Text

Step 1 - Click within a text section to edit.


Step 2 - Highlight the text that you'd like to link.


Step 3 - Click the link icon. You can choose to link to a website, email address, another page on your site, video, or a document.

Option 1:  Link to a page on this site - choose the page from the drop down list. 


Option 2: Link to an email address - type in the email address.


Option 3: ​Link to a website - type in the web address. If you paste in the web address (URL), you may need  to add an extra space at the end of the URL so our system detects that you added it.

Option 4: Link to a video - upload from YouTube, Vimeo, or another website.


Option 5: Link to a document - upload from computer or choose a previously uploaded document.


Step 3 - Click Finished. When you're done editing, click Close.


Linking from a Picture

Step 1 - Select a picture and hover over the image to see Add a Link options.


Step 2 - Just like linking from text, you can choose to link to another page on your site, an email address, an external website, a video, or a document.


Step 3 - When you're done, click Finished then Close.

Keep in Mind:

  • If you'd like to add or change a link from a picture in a gallery section, you'll have to remove the photo and add it to your gallery section again to make any changes. 
  • When you add a link to an email address on your website, anyone who clicks that link will be prompted to send an email to that address from the default mail application on their computer (for example: Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail). If your visitor would like to send an email to the linked address from another email provider, they can right-click the link and choose Copy Email Address. If the visitor does not have an email application installed on their computer, the email link will not work. They will need to copy the email address instead and then send an email through their browser. 


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