Photo Album Options

While Clover doesn't have a photo album page option, you can still link to a photo album within your Clover Site! 

Here are a few of our favorite photo album resources that we recommend you check out:

1,000 GB of free storage
Easy to use and three different ways users can view your photos

Google Photos

Already have a Google account? This is a no brainer.
Free unlimited storage 
Easy to upload and share instantly

Use the “My Photos” option
Free unlimited storage


Let’s face it, your church is already using Facebook to keep your community connected - if you’re not, you should be! No one likes signing up for multiple accounts, so why not use an account you already have to share photo albums? Simply upload your photos and share the photo album link on your website. Not only will people get to view your photos, but they will be able to “Like” your Facebook page and continue to stay connected to your church!


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