Changing Fonts

With our unique font palettes, you can easily change or edit the fonts in any area of your site. You can instantly see how each one will look on the page, and when you save it, the change will automatically update all text across your entire website.

You also have the ability to choose some custom fonts that work within our font palette options.  You can adjust any of the fonts used on something as prominent as the navigation, all the way down to the details like the buttons or text on the page.

Step 1 - Click the Edit Fonts button


Step 2 - Select a pre-designed font theme

Or click the Choose Custom Fonts button

From the Choose Custom Fonts section, you can set the site-wide font for these aspects:

  • Main Navigation
  • Sub Navigation
  • Headers
  • Sub Headers
  • Main Text
  • Buttons

And for each of these parts you can customize these attributes:

  • Font Size
  • Font Style (Making it bold or italic)
  • Letter Spacing (Editing the space between characters)
  • Letter Case (Choosing default, always uppercase or always lowercase)

Step 3 - When you're finished, click Save


Keep in Mind:


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