Launch Overview

Now that you have your content in place and website address purchased it's time for the world to see your website! Follow these steps to get your site up and running:

Step 1 - In the Greenhouse click the Continue Site Setup button, then click to confirm

Step 2 - Enter your domain name in the box located under Step 3.
*Note: Be sure when you enter your domain name to use lowercase letters. Using uppercase letters may cause issues with your site going live. 

Step 3 - Click the Next Step button

Step 4 - Click the Show Me How button (you'll need to click this to move forward)

In "Show Me How" you will be instructed on the need to establish the connection of your website to your domain. This is what actually takes your site live and is done so through the domain provider you registered your domain with. 

Below is a list of the common domain providers organizations often use to host their domain. Each are linked to the custom article walk through that we have created to help you navigate in how to establish the connection of your site to your domain.

Network Solutions
Google Domains

If your domain name is through another company, check out our article on Going Live with Other Companies.

If you're not sure who your domain provider is, check out this article.

Step 5 - Once you've updated your domain, go back into your Clover Dashboard and select the I've Done This button. If the button isn't active for you to click, try clicking the Show Me How button again. This activates the I've Done This button and can sometimes time out during the time you take to connect your site to your domain. If you've already gone through the steps listed in Show Me How, you can disregard them when they pull up again. 

Step 6 - From your Dashboard, click More and then Domain Management. You will need to add one more domain. You need both and for the site to function correctly.

You're done! Allow the servers 24 hours to update the new changes, and your site will be live. Go celebrate!


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