Clover Image Editor - The Basics

Welcome to Clover Image Editor! 


Here you will have full access to editing your photos  without having to download any software! We want to get you started on the right foot! Below, you will find some tutorials on how to accomplish some basic photo editing for your images. 

Note: Check out our other articles that walk through different areas of the Clover Image Editor.

Getting Started


Step 1 - From your Dashboard (under Products) you can click on the Image Editor icon.


Sep 2 - From the start screen, you can choose:

  1. New Project - To start from scratch
  2. Open From Computer -  To  open an image from your computer
  3. Open from URL - To open the image from a URL from an image online.

Step 3 - Create your masterpiece!

How To Save An Image


Step 1 - Click File, Export As, JPG, and then click Save.


How To Resize An Image


Step 1 - Open your image within the Clover Image Editor.


Step 2 - In the top let corner, click Image, and then click Image Size.


Step 3 - Enter your desired dimensions in the width and height, and click OK.


Step 4 - Now to resize your image to fit the new dimensions, click Image and then Free Transform. Here you can drag the corners to resize your image. You can also move the image around for better placement within the cropped size. Press Enter once you are finished resizing.

Step 5 - To save, click File, Export as, JPG. Click the Save button. You have now resized your image to its new dimensions!


How To Rotate An Image


Step 1 - Open your image within the Clover Image Editor


Step 2 - In the top left corner click Image then Transform. From there you will click on the direction that best fits your image.


Step 3 - Save your image by clicking on File, Export As, JPG. Click Save, and your image will be saved to your computer.


How To Add Text To An Image


Step 1 - Open your image within the Clover Image Editor


Step 2 - Click the Text tool in the bottom left


Step 3 - Click and drag your text box across the image where you'd like the text to appear
Step 4 - Type your desired text. You can edit the look by highlighting your text and clicking the fonts in the top left or color box in the top-center.



Step 5 - If you click the arrow tool in the top left, you can drag the text around the image


Step 6 - To Save, click File, Export As, JPG, and then click Save.



How To Add A Watermark To Your Image


Step 1 - Open image within the Clover Image Editor


Step 2 - Drag and drop your logo or watermark image into the Clover Image Editor


Step 3 - Press Enter on your keyboard


Step 4 - Adjust the opacity on the right side to make your watermark as transparent as you'd like


Step 5 - Save




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