Managing Prayer Requests

Clover wanted to make managing prayer requests as seamless as possible. That is why we have given you direct access to the dashboard through the Prayer Section settings in your greenhouse.

To manage the prayer requests in your prayer section you simply click on the prayer section, click on "settings", and then click on the "manage prayer" button seen below.



In the prayer manager you will have three tabs: overview, prayer notifications, and add new prayer.

1.  Overview

       The overview allows you to see all of the data for each prayer requests. You can also add a prayer, delete a prayer, and approve or disapprove prayer requests. This helps prevent spam and inappropriate posts being listed on the site.




2.  Prayer  Notifications

      The prayer notifications tab displays which admins will get the prayer notifications when they are posted. You are also able to add and delete those admins here.



3. Add New Prayer 

          This tab allows you to fill out a prayer request form through the dashboard. All of the options that are available on the prayer form on your site are also available here.


Add New Prayer

4. Edit Emails

The last tab allows you to edit the emails that are sent to the admins in the Prayer Notifications tab along with the emails sent to the submitter of the prayer.


To edit the emails, click the Pencil icon for the email you wish to edit.


There is a simplified tool bar available which allows you to use bold, italicizes, bulleted and numbered lists, add a link, and add a dynamic tag.


 The Dynamic Tag option allows you to tag the email with information submitted in the prayer request form. For example, if you want the submitter email to address the person by name, you could put "Dear [Submitter Name]". You could also send the information of the prayer request in the admin email by adding the Submitter information to that email


You are also able to expand the email you are currently working on by clicking the expanding arrows.



For more information about the Prayer Section click here


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