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WARNING: Do not proceed with submitting your podcast to Apple or any other podcasting platform until you have sent your website live under a custom domain.

Failure to do so will cause the podcast feed URL of your media sections to use the temporary URL of your draft site ("" ) which may result in your podcast eventually failing to update.

This can be easily fixed by repeating the steps found in this article, reobtaining your media sections podcast feed URL now that it is using your site's custom domain, and re-providing it to your podcasting platforms of choice.


With Clover, you can create a podcast for each Media Player on your site. You can set up your podcast, submit it to iTunes, as well as edit its information any time that you'd like.

You can either watch the video below, or you can proceed to the step-by-step instructions below the video.


NOTE: YouTube and Vimeo videos added to Clover Site media sections via URL will not be included in your podcast feed data. Rather, the media section's feed will contain only files directly uploaded to it or imported via RSS feed.


Setting Up Your Podcast

Step 1 - Click within any Media Section to begin editing your Media Player.

Step 2 - In the bottom left corner, click on the Podcast Settings button.

Step 3 - Enter your information, and then click iTunes Settings if you want to prepare your podcast to be submitted to the iTunes Store. If you aren't ready to submit your podcast, you can either click Save or Podcast Art to upload your artwork.

Step 4 -  In iTunes Settings, select categories that are relevant to your message. Enter keywords that describe your podcast that will help users find you within the iTunes Store.

Step 5 - Click on Podcast Art and upload the image that you would like to represent your messages. Usually you will see a church's logo in this spot, but you can upload whatever you'd like. The dimensions are 1400x1400 or 3200x3200.

Step 6 -  Click Save. You have now created your podcast. If you are submitting your podcast to iTunes for the very first time, you can follow the instructions below.


Submitting Your Podcast to the iTunes Store

Step 1 - Now that you've created your podcast, you will want to copy your podcast feed. You will click on Podcast settings, and then right-click/copy the URL at the bottom.

Step 2 - Go to and sign in with the Apple ID that you'd like to have associated with your podcast.

Step 3 - Once signed in, you will place your podcast feed within the URL box and then click Validate.

Step 4 - Once iTunes validates your feed, you will click the Submit button.

Step 5 - Apple will display a success message. Once it is approved in the iTunes Store (which usually takes about a week), you will receive an email at your Apple ID address.



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