How do I Link to a Form?

Forms on Clover Sites 3 do not have direct links. You must place the form on a page by adding it to the page. If you need help adding the form you created to a page, you can follow these steps.

If you want to link to a form through a button or a link on a page, you'll need to get a bit creative. We've outlined this process for you below.

1. Create the form in your Forms Manager.

2. Add a Form Page and Publish the Site. 

3. Go to your Form page on the live website and copy the URL (ie or something similar). 

4. Back in your Greenhouse, hide the Form Page (optional step) to keep your navigation clean. Be sure to publish your site again after you do this step.

5. Now that you have the Form Page URL copied, you can add it to anywhere else on your site! Simply paste it in as a link for your event, add it into a Donation Section, or link it in any text area.


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