Linking with Clover Sites

This article was made to help you enter your credentials for into the Live Stream section on your Clover site.


Creating a Livestream Section

First, you will need to add the Livestream section to your page. Before beginning, make sure that you are in advanced mode, you can turn on advanced mode via a slider in the top left corner! Once in advanced mode click on Edit sections and then “Add New Section” in the top right. Finally, now click on Livestream Section and then next!



Entering Your Credentials

Select “Use my account” and then paste your identifier (your username) in the box on the right and click next!

NOTE: The account that's entered must be an admin account. 

*If Identifier is entered incorrectly, see note at bottom.

CLO - LiveStream2

Once your credentials are entered, click next and select your account by clicking the drop-down bar, select the account and then click save.CLO - LiveStream3

Once you’ve done this you’ve linked your stream to Clover Sites!


*In the event you enter the incorrect Identifier, you will need to disable the integration from the Integrations page. To do this, click the Menu button shown with the red circle below.


Then click Integrations.


In the Integrations page, look for the integration and click the slider to disable.


You will then see Setup. Clicking Setup will allow you to reenter your Identifier on the right side of the page.


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