Hope Site Design

Clean and open, Hope is perfect for sites with prominent text sections. Line accents, photo collages, a mobile-style navigation and special headers make this one of our more modern designs.

Here are some of the unique features that make Hope stand out: 

1. Spacious and Clean 

No matter how much content you place in any section, Hope was designed to look open and spacious.

2. Photo Collage 

Hope gives you the ability to add a photo collage to your text sections, so you can display multiple images in one curated space

3. Fullscreen Navigation

Hope’s navigation fades beautifully to life when clicked, filling your entire screen for easier browsing. 

Hope Dimensions:

These dimension sizes allow for retina optimized photos and are recommended for best results. Keep in mind, there may be times you need to make slight adjustments to help them look just right.

All dimensions are in pixels​
Logo: 814 x 224
Gallery: 2860 x 1724
- Mobile: 1724 x 1724
Layout 1: All-Text Section
Layout 2: All-Text Section
Layout 3: 1960 x 752
Layout 4: 1406 x 332
Layout 5: 616 x 752
Layout 6: 1012 x 850 (left) 938 x 420 (top right) 464 x 420 (bottom left) 464 x 420 (bottom right)
List Page List: 362 x 362
List Page Grid: 380 x 380
Event Image: Event Image Size is in a 4:3 ratio. Some sizes can be 400x300, 800x600, 1600x1200, etc.

Background Images: Since a Text Section changes size depending on how much text you enter into the section, we do not have a set size for Background Images. Any photo you upload to the section should work! We recommend using a larger size photo if possible. You can learn more about Background Images here.


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