Prayer Request Section

The prayer request section is a great tool for church's wanting to stay connected to what is going on in their members' life by allowing for prayer requests to be submitted and responded to.

1.  To add a prayer section to your site you will enter "Advanced Mode" and click on "edit sections", "add new section", and then choose the prayer section layout.


2.  From here you will have two functions: a prayer form and a prayer list.  



A. The Prayer Form function is to create a section where visitors can submit their prayer requests.



There are several options that you have with the prayer request form.

         1. Visitors can choose to receive email notifications when someone prays for them by checking the "receive email notifications" button.

        2. Visitors can filter how much information is seen on the website when the prayer request is submitted. This includes name, email, phone, and prayer requests.

       3.  Visitors can choose how much information that the church admin's can see. You can allow the admin to see everything or limit their accessibility to only the actual prayer request.


B. The Prayer Request function is where the visitor can see the prayer requests that have been submitted and approved by the site admin. You can also let the person who submitted the prayer request that you have prayed for them by clicking on the "praying hands icon".  This is a great way to encourage your visitors as they can be assured that their requests are being seen and responded to.



For information on managing prayer requests you can click here


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