Classic VS CS3

Here is a little breakdown of what is included in both Clover Sites Classic and Clover Sites 3: 

  • Easy to Use Site Editing in Greenhouse
  • Mobile Version of Site
  • Features and Updates Included in Price
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Tech Support via Phone/Email

Here’s what sets Clover Sites 3 apart. 

  • HTML Editing - ability to embed code directly on the page
  • Section Based Editing - you can add an unlimited amount of sections to a page
  • More Customization - you can change all colors, fonts, font sizes, etc.
  • Unlimited Pages - you can add an unlimited number of pages
  • Fully Responsive - site fits the browser to look great on mobile, tablets, etc.
  • Multiple Users - users can have permissions and their own logins 
  • Hidden Pages - the ability to hide pages from the navigation


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